March 2015
Upcoming release of KNX Driver Suite v3.1 for Control4

After fully reworking the thermstat implementation based on the new proxy, we are happy to announce the release for March 31st. All drivers will fully support the new features of Control4 OS2.7 - which will be also the new minimum OS version. New devices will be supported: Zennio, Intesis, Basalte, Berker and Siemens Synco.

Upgrading existing projects based on KNX Suite V2.2 to Control4 OS2.7 is currently not recommended. Heat only or Cool only systems are tested and working. Auto Systems with Heat/Cool Switchover might expierence setpoint display issues but can be controlled. All other drivers are fully working.

For upgrading your customer projects from KNX Suite v2.2 / Beta v3.0 to v3.1 we will provide an online tool, which allows to keep all existing settings and programming.
It will be available on April 3rd.

September 2013
Cooperation between tisco and Oxford Energy

tisco GmbH and Oxford Energy GmbH form a Joint Venture. Together both companies combine high expertise in the IT-Telecom-Sector and the Energy Sector.

June 2013
KNX Driver Suite v3.0 for Control4 Beta

The Beta Version is ready for testing. We have reworked all drivers for this version to support additional devices, new Control4 functionality and developed dedicated thermostat drivers.
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March 2012

Our daughter company Calyx (Croatia) is growing constantly and maintains long lasting partnerships with various partners, amongst others with Teva und Ericsson.

May 2011
KNX Driver Suite v2.2 for Control4

The updated Version of KNX Driver Suite 2.2 brings new features, better support for Control4 Programming and various fixes. The update is highly recommended and available free of charge for all registered KNX drivers.
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January 2011
KNX Driver Suite v2.1 for Control4

The new Version of our KNX Driver Suite brings better performance, simplified configuration and additional functionality like the support of KNX relays. We also integrated the new Control4 Thermostat V2. The update from version 2.0 is recommended and available free of charge for all registered KNX drivers.
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January 2011
Wake on LAN Driver for Control4 available

With the Wake on LAN Driver it is possible to perform WOL for up to ten individual devices. As with all tisco Drivers, the Wake on LAN driver can be fully tested with a free 30-day trial.
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